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In partnership with the One Can Food Bank and Trust, please make sure your request is sent to us no later the on a Wednesday 1pm.

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A "best before" or "use by date" that has expired *canned food may be dented; discard after opening if contents spray out after opening (note: canned goods are good past their expiry date for up to 4 years). I AGREE to use ALL items as soon as possible and accept ANY risk associated as noted above however, if there is a concern, it is suggested you discard such items.

I DECLARE that the information given is truthful and has not been withheld or misrepresented. Misrepresentation includes claiming single status rather than couple status, children and other adults residing in the residence that change the status to family. The hamper status determines the size of the hamper received. Misrepresentation of any information may result in being dismissed from using the Denham Foodbank.

*Should questions arise based on the information provided, a further request for documentation may be requested. The Denham Foodbank reserves the right to verify the information provided. Denham Foodbank may contact other area Food Banks to ensure that there is no "double dipping".


For data protection purposes all referrals are kept on an external secure server and are treated as confidential. Information on our data protection policy can be found at: